Note:  The motors that I use are the best that I can buy.  With that said, there is no warranty for any motor used in my products or sold as a single item.  I have no control over individual motors sold to me.  If you have a motor that you want to use I can sell you a product less the motor for a discount and you can install your motor.   



I ship small items using USPS in flat rate boxes or envelopes.  Large or heavy items go FedEx.  Winches and retrievers must be completely crated with plywood before inserting the crate in a cardboard box.  Damage has and will continue to be a hazard that all shippers deal with.  I try to minimize the damage the best I can.  The crate and cardboard box cost me around $25.00 which is passed on to you.  Add the actual FedEx shipping costs to that $25.00.  "I make no profit on shipping".  If your purchase is damaged in shipping, I will take care of it with your help in promptly reporting the damage to FedEx or USPS.   





Retriever, complete ready to retrieve using your battery and your parachute.  Everything else is included.   $800.00

Retriever with LBO and LBO hand switch.  $845.00

Winch with the Ford long shaft motor, line installed.  $600.00

Winch with Ramsey motor, line installed.  $800.00

Turn-a-round.  $100.00

Foot switch. $30.00

Hand switch for winch or retriever (Non LBO).   $10.00

Hand switch for LBO retriever.   Note:  The LBO hand switch does not make a non LBO into an LBO.  The electronics are in the retriever, not the switch.   $40.00

Line.  You need two reels for one winch.  You need one reel for  two to three retrievers.  $15 each

Dual solenoid tester without buzzer.   Standard on a winch.   $20.00 

Dual Solenoid tester with buzzer.  $40.00

Retriever harness with top quality swivel.  $4.00

Ford long shaft motor, top quality.  $150.00