More Winch Details:

I am a firm believer in producing a safe product. 

My winches all have:

*    Dual solenoids

*    A dual LED solenoid tester 

*    A master disconnect 

*    Heavy duty wiring and connectors 

*    A belt type brake 



Ramsey-based winch


Here you see the 4.4 horse power Ramsey motor based winch.  It is probably the best motor you can buy for a RC sailplane winch.  Note the master disconnect and the dual LED solenoid tester.  All winches should have these two safety features. 

Ford Long Shaft Motor


This is the standard of most clubs.  You can't buy this Ford motor at your local auto parts store.  It is built in the USA.  It is probably the best Ford starter motor for our winches that you can buy.  You can buy a China knock off for $80 or you can pay more for the best Ford motor you can find.  I buy these brand new, not rebuilt. 

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